Jean-Luc Nardone

Jean-Luc NARDONE graduated in Italian studies at Paris IV-Sorbonne and is now Professor of Italian Literature at the University of Toulouse II, France. After being head of the department from 1994 to 2000, he is now Director of «Il Laboratorio», the research group of Italian studies of Toulouse II, with a strong research focus on manuscripts, publishing practices and the history of the Italian book.

He is currently working on two major research projects : Petrarca and Petrarchism in Europe (14th-17th centuries) and Relations between Europe and the Orient through the writings of pilgrims, soldiers, merchants and artists during the Renaissance period.

Among his most recent publications are:

1. La représentation de Jérusalem chez les voyageurs européens du XVIe siècle, editor Jean-Luc Nardone. Paris: Champion, 2007. 573 pp + CDRom.

2. «Riscritture europee e strategie editoriali di un itinerario in Terra santa», in Esperienze letterarie 2 (2009): 27-37. Roma, Fabrizio Serra editore.

3. «Nouvelle édition de La Nave (1639), chanson métaphorique de Pompeo Colonna, académicien Humoriste» in La mer dans la culture italienne, textes réunis par C. CAZALE, S. LONGO et P. GIRARD. Paris: Presses Universitaires de Paris Ouest, 2009. 229-248.

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